Why are dudes my age so beta?

At the moment, I am site worker for an event. My job duties involve yard work and construction. I noticed that guys within my age groups are afraid to get dirty, and /or do manual labor. For instance, none of them even bother to help me clean the barrels and buckets. Plus most of them wear their best clothes to work. Meanwhile, I am decked out in black steel toe boots, black work pants and a workmen’s hoodies.
I remember a few years ago I had a summer job, and these dudes laughed and commented on how dirty my work clothes looked.

Then , a few of my homies will jokes me for occasionally rocking 1-2” inseam shorts, and having a smooth face. Yet, they can’t touch me in arm wrestling. Additionally, they are afraid of hard manual labor work. After work, I either pump iron or breakdance. My homies just smoke weed once they return from their 9-5.

I see why this country is falling apart; too many beta males. SMH.
Why are dudes my age so beta?
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