Why did he call me from the hospital pretending he died?

He's common law married with 4 kids. We've been online friends for 9 years. Our thing is built on venting to each other while gaming. I call him p**y whipped. He calls me cougar. He over dosed 3 times in a month this summer. The last time he OD, when he came to, he pretended he died. I was a sobbing mess but he was all painful smiles on the video call. He looked like hell in the hospital gown with tubes sticking everywhere so I got over it quickly. His sense of humor is sh*t just like mine. And though I gave up on waiting for him, I need to know, why the hell did he call me of all people and prank me this way? He's pranked me before like he was getting arrested but never this far. What does it mean? Am I over thinking this prank? Note: I ended cutting him off. Still curious though.
1 y
Note: he told me on a Wednesday and I flew to see him that Friday. Support was given.

The goal of me asking this question is to assess if this prank was his way of gauging my feelings, expressing his own, or maybe some more nefarious intentions.
Why did he call me from the hospital pretending he died?
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