How do I get rid of this image?

Im crushing on this coworker who supposedly likes me back. We act like a couple. We are always together and everyone knows me and him are something. All the other coworkers gave us a couple name and calls us cute. Everything isn't as it seem. He doesn't play his role but likes the fact that everyone thinks we are together. He ignores and rarely wants to spend time with me. He ignores me around the other female coworkers cause he wants to flirt with them. The only time he ever acts like we are together is when we are around some guys. He makes it to them that he's my boyfriend. I told one of the newer coworkers I was single (cause he asked me) and my crush gave me the silent treatment for two days. Everyone thinks me and him are some happy couple when that's not true. I want to get rid of this image.
How do I get rid of this image?
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