Is the male ego/pride really that sensitive?

I can think of a couple examples:
- My friend's mother once called the boyfriend a loser and said other horrible things. He was hurt for a long while and in his view ''she hurt his ego/pride so badly''. They eventually made up and get along now but it took time.
- I know of a girl that said NO when asked if she would say yes if he were to get on his knees and ask her to spend the rest of her life with her. He broke up and till this day (7 years since that rejection) never spoke to her again.
- Stories about 2 guys that never got over the day their HS crush humiliated them and made some classmates laugh. They must be already in her mid 20's by now and nope, they never spoke to the girl again nor accepted her apology.

So overall, is the male ego/pride really that sensitive? I can get my feelings broken too (we also got ego and pride) but means the guys takes it sooo hard. He either takes too long to get over it or doesn't.
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Is the male ego/pride really that sensitive?
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