What I am to him? Or does he want?

I met this guy for more than a year. We first been friend and he started to try to kiss me. Later we had some oral sex. He learned my feelings for him and explained that he did not want me to have falsed hope as he wished to moved out of the country and it would be nice if I was there too. We continued as usual but few days ago while teasing each other we had sex. I am scared to get too attached if I continue like this but I love him. He never told me if he does. Some days he put his hands over my eyes and kiss me and other days when we will do oral we won't kiss. I dunno what I am to him. Sometimes its like he want to be the only one to see me. But I am not understanding this situation. Since we had sex he wants to do it again, I also want too but I'm scared to do it again if I am the only one having feelings for him.
What I am to him? Or does he want?
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