Would you feel remorse reading this?

I sent this message to two guys that were assisting these girls that bullied me for four years they did not look at the message or respond. It's been days and i was just wondering how you would percieve this message
"hi, I'm the brown girl you have been bullying for multiple years in college. I'm not sure what your issue was with me but I'm assuming you heard some stuff about me from some sources who had ulterior motives for harrassing me. Their actions were noted by some of the staff at the school. They were trying to get back at me for respecting my boundaries and not falling into peer pressure. Many of these girls have a history of bullying others that started long before me and they used the exact same verbage to describe me as they have others, at times in my presence. Some of these individuals have harassed me to the point where some of the staff at school felt they may have to prepare to call the authorities and be mindful about my whereabouts for my well being.

These individuals damaged my belongings including religious items, and continued to harass me and try to slander my name for years and harassed other individuals that I have lived with in the future. They managed to get enough individuals to harass me that my property and the property of others that I lived with were vandalized years after their incident with me. These are not the actions of mentally sound individuals. I had opportunities taken away from me and I had people take advantage of the pain I felt upon loosing multiple people in my family. I was completely dehumanized and put under a lot of stress about my overall well being. All for following my morals and not going against the law. You played a active role in this as well. I thought it was necessary to finally share my side and inform you in what you were a part of"
Would you feel remorse reading this?
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