Why do men have to prove their masculinity?

I wasn't really raised with gender politics. I did mainly "guy stuff" I changed the tires of my dad's truck, played sports and went to the games, my brother helped my mum cook, and now he's a chef so, when I saw a Mytake, and it kinda bugged me from what the woman said, "if you cry, wear pink, or I guess just, in general, did things that won't "manly" you were a bitch",

In my opinion, if you're a man or your identity as a man, that's fine, I'm not going to question it, but personally, I don't think a man has to prove how manly he is. He doesn't have to be ripped or tough, and all that to prove he's a guy. The idea that if a guy happens to wear pink or nail polish, he's less of a man is odd. If anything, I'd respect a guy more if he didn't feel that his masculinity was on the line from what he chooses to do with his body. Most of the manliest men I know enjoy cooking and have group talks about their feelings.

So I really want to know why we make men prove how manly they are and what is "manly" to you?
Why do men have to prove their masculinity?
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