Was there a point in sending that photo?

Hi... I was working out for 2 weeks me and this guy are having problems. he doesn't hit me up as much as he should. I talk a lot though... well i haven't sent him a photo in a week so i sent one of my stomach with my shirt scrunched up. to show off my stomache but its like shapely.
I feel guilty. I also think he is mad ebcause i askedhim for money so he is askign for photos. he thinks i just want money from him. I dont. I gto angry and asked because if he took me seriously he would of. I deleted the chats i was goign to send to him about me being injured and sexually harassed.
I dont know what to say I know women lived withtheir boyfriends sometimes but i am christian so until i was certain i was gonna be homelessi told him no if hewanted to sleep with me now i am having second thoughts i just want to meet him regardless. I think it would be nice but wowi think the challenge of living together would be bad right :/

I forgot about the christian part but where i am now is unhealthy for me so i want to go to him. He didn't ask me to be his girlfriend i told him we are dating. But he hasn't sent me flowers or anything. :(
I told him I wanted a ring and now im not sure if im being dishonest. I dont know how to express what i feel or if i still should keep on or should i just be quiet, i feel embarassed for sending the snap. i dont htink he has seen it but he somehow sent me a a snap (a photo) of him but it said it was from hours ago for some reason? but i just got it.
Was there a point in sending that photo?
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