Is it weird to like and hate older guys at the same time?

They are just as bad or even worse than guys my age but I still find them very irresistible. I can always tell an immediate difference from guys my age (early 20s) from guys in their late 20s/early 30s. Online and offline. No matter how much red flags they have, I never try to dwell on them because I feel like I'll meet one that doesn't display any in the future.

It's generally much easier for me to talk and interact with guys my age despite being shy and introverted. It always feels more like a sibling/bro relationship. I can act however I want without feeling judged. We can relate and bond on different activities and interests whereas with older guys, I just naturally feel more submissive and shy than I already am. But some of them (not all) are always intrigued and attracted to it because of the age gap. The thought of them teaching me things and being more intelligent and successful turns me on.

The only con is that they generally have more knowledge and experience than me regardless of my own insight and learned wisdom at a young age. So some might try to take advantage of the gap and use it to a negative advantage.
Is it weird to like and hate older guys at the same time?
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