Why is he so cold to me now?

I met a guy at a summer camp in 2019 and I really liked him, maybe even loved him. He lives very far away from me and we texted like once or twice a month. I called him some months ago and I told him that when we were at the camp I liked him and he told me that he liked me too, and was sad that I didn't tell him back then at the camp, because we could have kissed or something.
He told me that he dosen't want a long distance relationship, but that, if we lived in the same city, we would have been together. I told him that I now had a boyfriend and I could tell he was at least a bit jealous.
Since that day he has never texted me, not even on my birthday. I tried to text him once but he was very cold. Why? If he liked me, why is he now so cold? It seems like he is angry, or worse, indifferent, at me.
Why is he so cold to me now?
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