My boyfriend was overly playful today should I take this at heart?

So I invited my boyfriend of 3 years over to my house today and he is a great guy. He’s naturally really banterful and full of energy yet always respectful. Today he did some things as jokes that got me thinking and maybe I’m just over thinking. I asked him not to do them again just for the sake of it even though they were meant to be jokes and he said ok. Anyways. When he got to my house he started playing with my golden retriever who he loves and then carried me in an uncomfortable way but I think he didn’t notice. He was just happy. I told him to put me down later on and he did and then kissed me. He was unaware. I then asked him to carry me bridle style to my room and put me on my bed. He did very gently. I was kind of tired yet still happy he was there. He leaned over me and flashed his jewel at me and immediately put it away. He then started looking around my room for new things I’ve drawn. I was kind of shocked maybe bc I was tired but I decided to not give it much mind. I’m wearing short pajamas and suddenly I felt him dig his face in between my legs for like 2 seconds and come back to me grinning. I couldn’t help but stay thinking about how surprising it was when he did it. When I got serious about it he told me he was just joking and that he though I wouldn’t mind, & that he wouldn’t do it again. He then started worrying about me being too skinny since I’m severely underweight and told me to take better care of myself. As I said, he’s a good guy with good intentions. He asked me to be honest as to how I was really eating and told me to eat better so I won’t be sleepy all the time. After that, things fell normally but I cannot stop thinking about those two random and inappropriate jokes he played on me while I was just plopped down in bed. We’ve been dating for 3 years and there’s nothing we haven’t done really, but I don't know. I would appreciate honest and respectful opinions.
My boyfriend was overly playful today should I take this at heart?
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