Honest compliment from my crush?

I’m texting with this guy with a fake account. He knows that it’s a fake account and doesn’t knows who’s behind it. It has deeper going reasons so please don’t judge me for it. It’s also a long story why and how he know and I wanna keep it short. So, we were texting and although he doesn’t know who I am (despite the fact that i am female) he talked to me and shared many things about himself as he just knew who he is talking to.
He asked me to send him a picture of me (without my face if I want), since he is very curious how I’d look. I kept texting haha and changed the subject. We talked further and he asked me how tall I’d be and how much I would weight (wich I answered both). I told him also before that I would workout at home and would be into makeup and beauty products. I just kept going on with asking stuff and changing the subjects and he randomly said:

“i’d like to see a picture once of you

I believe you are quite a cutie:)”
Honest compliment from my crush?
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