Guy's, How can I fix it?

I was talking to this guy and we got into a slight tiff, I really liked him but I messed up.
He's texted me since, but I can't seem to find the words to explain my frustration and why I reacted the way I did.
I left him on read because I didn't want to give him some shitty excuse, I want to fix it though.

I'll give the back story. We were messaging back and fourth and out of the blue he asked if I was a virgin (Something other guys asked too, which gets annoying after a while). I kind of over reacted (being a virgin) I thought that maybe he just wanted to use me for sex from that point on (I've heard some guys do this and I didn't want to be subject to this).

I know I over reacted, he was just being curious, as most people are. What would you recommend I do?
should I wait to see of he messages back, or should I message him and explain myself?
Guy's, How can I fix it?
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