Does this sound like a setup?

after talking online, me and a man decide to hang out. when he was picking me up before he pulled up he had me stand at the corner to make sure i wasn't "setting him up." then when we were out and i told him i watch crime shows he brought up cannibals and i just felt it was a weird topic to discuss with somebody i hardly know. later on he asked what my biggest fear is and i said its dying. so then he was basically saying how life doesn't matter and we shouldn't be scared to die. later he told me he has a dark personality and has dark humor. and he kept referring to himself as a genius/smart person.

but what spooked me most was he told me his name was andre, but when we ordered food he said it was for "asahd" i asked him to repeat his name and after avoiding answering "why are you asking weird questions?" he said "i told you it was andre." then i notifed a white car following us at the place. he pulled him gun out and said he almost shot them because he was getting paranoid. i almost got out of the car and ran off. he says he's just paranoid about the crime in the town we live in. scared to get robbed. but i was becoming scared for my life the only self defense i had was my kitchen knife i brought just in case something happened.

i got uncomfortable with the strange car situation and asked him to park up the street from my place before i went home. on top of that he was parking in empty parking lots for too long for my liking. next time he says he wants to go to his house. he seemed kind of hurt i was nervous around him but he was giving me psycho vibes. i somehow forgot my phone in his car but called him from another fake number to get it back. he brought it back but I've been avoiding sleep because i just feel odd about the situation. he texted me and said im "awful shy" and thay he promises he doesn't bite.
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Does this sound like a setup?
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