Why is he even bothering with me? Is he scared of me or something?

I’m in so much confusion lately. So this guy and I met at the beginning of the semester. We’ve hooked up a few times but that’s all. He always says hey or talks to me around Campus, but hardly ever texts me. So I was always the one texting him first asking to hang. I eventually got tired of always being the one texting him so I stopped. We would still say hey to each other out in public but I wouldn’t text him anymore. Until a few weeks passed and he texted me. He asked If I was “feeling some type of way” and I said no that I was just busy with school. He then proceeded to ask why I didn’t talk to him like I used to and I explained how I just didn’t want to annoy him with my constant texts. He said that I was annoying and that I was “cool asf.” Anyways we cleared it up and we were supposed to hang again after, but then he started acting distant. I’ve been texting him again asking if we’re going to hang but he’s been leaving me on delivered. Usually he would respond quick. I’m just really confused!!! Like how is he going to text me asking why I wasn’t texting him and the minute I start texting him again he doesn’t really respond? But he’ll still speak to me in person? 😂😂please I just need a guys opinion because this entire situation is just annoying
Why is he even bothering with me? Is he scared of me or something?
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