Can you believe a player when he says he loves you?

I have literally no interest in this guy, he's cheated and slept around with so many girls and i have a amazing boyfriend who i love like crazy. I met this guy in my old job and even if i don't agree with his personal life its not my business to judge even if i joked to him but he was a slut a couple times.

He asked me lots of questions and it happened that we both liked the same music and had similar sense of humour. If im totally honest that's all he knows about me really but i think i had the manic pixie dream girl effect on him. He didn't care about who i really was he just loved but i was this prefect hip, trendy indie girl to him at first glance.

If he really bothered to know me for me he'd know im more right leaning and i actually disagree with a lot of the things he stands for and im sure he'd be the same with me

He'd always ask me to marry him but id brushed off his comments with witty comebacks which now looking back probably did more harm than good when trying to get him away from me.

He'd always insist on giving me lifts home and buy me drinks when out. When i was being pretty bitter about my ex once he got mad about it and took it really personal and another time when i said i don't want to date no more because most guys my age are "fuck boys" he said "some of us guys actually have feelings and actually like you" and stormed off. He even asked me out for drinks once but i rejected him by saying "how about i make you a cuppa instead? "

One night we were out clubbing and he said don't dance near to me or ill kiss you and then out of no were when we were alone he said "your never gonna fucking love me back are you? i thought you were gonna be my wife one day, i fucking love you and you don't give a shit". We'd had a couple drinks and i just said whatever mitch and walked away.
1 y
Not long after that i met my boyfriend and he stopped being my friend and talking to me at all and started dating another co workers sister and has now actually settled down with her and bought a house and everything and im really proud of him if im totally honest.

I just wonder if he still has feelings for me as he's slowly trying to creep back into my life via Facebook and i don't want to be the reason him and his girlfriend split because im sure i was once before in one of his many relations
Can you believe a player when he says he loves you?
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