Please help with this?

Husband and I got married in 2016. In 2017 found out we were pregnant, h wasn’t that happy as said we weren’t really ready. When I was 7 months pregnant I found texts in my h phone to another woman. Deep emotional texts using words he’s never used with me. I have no proof their affair was physical but the texts suggested it was. We had a huge fight and he ‘deleted’ her in front of me.
Our marriage hasn’t been great since and obviously there’s no trust.
When he was in the shower I looked through his contacts. Her number is still there under someonelses name but it’s on whatsapp so it’s her photo.
what I want to ask is this. If he was committed to our marriage, wouldn’t it of been deleted?
he wouldn’t just keep it there for no reason would he?
Please don’t comment with ‘leave him’ because it’s not that simple. If we didn’t have a child I probably would.
1 y
Why aren’t people answering the actual question
1 y
Thanks for the answers so far. If he didn’t care about her would t it be an easy delete?
Please help with this?
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