Does this sound like he has deeper feelings for me ( ie not just using me for sex!)?

I think perhaps I’m reading far too deeply into this but it certainly made me see him in a different light. So me and this guy have been sleeping together for 2 months but I’d say we’re more than just hookup buddies because we do also text a lot, generally chat a lot and I’ll stay over the night and he’ll cook me breakfast and things like that. We both live near each other but in student villages about 10 minutes from each other. Anyway last night I went to his student village to meet another separate friend and ended up getting quite tipsy. At about 5am I started thinking I should probably head back to my accommodation and happened to bump into said guy. He was enjoying himself with his group of friends but he dropped them in an instance to walk me home. When we got back to my flat I said thanks for walking me home and now I’m here he doesn’t have to stay but he insisted he stayed a little while. He made sure I drank lots of water, made me a hot water bottle, and tidied my bedroom until he knew I was settled and ok. He then just kissed me goodnight and left and once he arrived home sent me a message asking if I was still ok and that if I’m ever near his accommodation and I need someone to walk me home or a place to stay I can always ask him and I should never feel like I’m bothering him. Now I know walking a girl home at night is just a decent thing to do but surely he didn’t have to stay and do all that for me? Do you think this means he could have deeper feelings for me or am I completely overthinking?
Does this sound like he has deeper feelings for me ( ie not just using me for sex!)?
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