Does it sound like he just wants a hook up or something more serious?

so he's my guy friend and we've been hanging out for many months now... alone. usually we go to the park, then his place, then a movie then he drops me back off home. he would compliment me at times.

months ago, he once put his arm around me during a movie then moved it back. but he would occasionally touch my hand, or touch my arm. very subtle touching, but he would initiate them.

then a few weeks ago, he started being really cuddly with me. If we are watching a movie, he would caress my arm and rub his thumb on my bare skin near my stomach (if some of my shirt has been lifted). so then I decided to text him and told him that I started developing feelings for him and if he just saw us as friends or something more... to which he replied "something more". also he would sometimes pay for my food (sometimes not).

now recently (past week), things seem escalated and he's gotten bold. He's started to run his hands underneath my shirt while we cuddle and rub my back, give me a massage, and caress/rub my boobs and nipple under my bra. he even grabbed my ass cheek under my pants. and one point he went "are you thinking what i'm thinking?" to which I replied "uh I wanna keep watching this show (we were watching tv)" and he didn't push anything, but still kept rubbing and caressing. he's been paying for my food now. and takes me to the mall and different places before we to go his place to watch a movie and cuddle.

we always spend the whole day together when we hang out (7 to 10 hours). but it seems like he really cares for me. if my head hurts he will give me a massage, brush my hair, put my shoes on for me, compliments me, does me favors (gave me a ride to the airport)... etc.

My question is, is this just his affection towards me because he likes me or he's just looking for a hookup? does it seem like he see's me as a girlfriend? i've never had that talk with him.
Does it sound like he just wants a hook up or something more serious?
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