Should I meet someone I only talked to online for a short period of time?

Bored i downloaded tinder and clearly stated that what i was 'looking for' was someone to chat with and maybe become friends. I matched with a guy 2 years older who is a foreign student like myself and we both don't speak the counties language only English and or native tounge. I made it obvious i was only looking for a friend after a good somewhat long conversation on instagram he asked if we could meet this weekend. I was taken by surprise and offered to meet after the both our exam periods but that would be over a month so by the end of our conversation i said id reconsider and when the timing was right i tried to say that i was only looking for a friend again. He said he seemed to agree then we said goodnight and he said se you i just said night and didn't address the see you part much. I think it's worth to metion that i haven't met people online and then met them before ( i was somewhat 'sheltered' aka. my parents had to always know where who i was with and when i would return). I don't know if i should meet this guy? I talked with a close friend about it and she said i should do it, at the end of the day since i live in a foreign country and plan to live for the next 2 years and with the restrictions being so tight i haven't met many colleges from my university, all things taken into consideration she said it would be a bad idea to make friends and since we seemed to be on the same page it would be a problem. I'm still a little doubtful about it though maybe it's just because i haven't met people i only knew online before. P. s. i think i forgot to say but our conversation was mainly focused on why we were here what we are studying and such and some point he also said i was interesting which i really don't know how to interpret. And right after that he asked how do you say we go out next week for some drinks?

If anyone read all of this thank you so much and i really appreciate your opinion, i wanna know what it seems from someone else's point of view.
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1 y
From what has been said so far it seems i wasn't being paranoid or trippin thinking it's early and what not if you'd like i can keep it updated if and when we talk again.
Thanks everyone!
Should I meet someone I only talked to online for a short period of time?
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