Not the usual break up: affair cuts me off and then gets back in touch?

Hi, here is an unusual question. My husband and I agreed to give ourselves the freedom to have other experiences should we ever find ourself in the position. Well, four months ago this came to fruition and I met up with another married guy a couple of times. We ended up in bed twice and apparently he wanted more of that. But due to the pandemic and the fact that my hubby wasn’t indeed that cool with this fling, it got stressful. After not seeing each other for a month, the guy asked me if how I planned to keep things going. He said that he he needed to know if this was going to be sexual or just a chit-chat and dinner thing. I felt pressured. He said he couldn’t bear to meet up with me and just talk because he got blue balls... well in the end I wrote him that I thought it would be better if we focused on our own stuff (I had applied for a new job, he is pursuing further education). Then he erased my number and cut me off of all his social media. I was devastated because I had taken a liking to him and was sincerely interested in him as a. I felt used. I cried a lot but realized how emotionally involved I had been and that that was detrimental. Well after one month he wrote to me over social media wishing me a happy new year. I was surprised. I wrote him back, just cordially and after a week he responded, also in a very friendly matter, and saying that he was right about us seeing each other once again in summer (we are in a lockdown). Now I am not one to play games, I will answer, but not right away. But I wonder what could be on his mind. Any clue?
Not the usual break up: affair cuts me off and then gets back in touch?
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