Why would my boyfriend lie to me about his past relationship?

When we first started dating my boyfriend told me how "different" things are with me (implying I'm special). It felt like he's never felt that way for anyone else before when I believed everything he said. But after finding out about his lies, I don't know what to believe.

He said his last relationship ended 1yr before meeting me. I found out it ended 6mo before. He also said he broke up with her and I found out it was mutual.

He said he never wanted to travel overseas with an ex but does with me. And he never wanted to bring any of his exes home to meet his parents. Found out he was planning to take his ex overseas and to meet his parents.

He told me he hasn't traveled to another state with an ex. Found out he did.

He said he's never had such amazing sex and sex wasn't as good with his exes. Okay, but so guys or anyone want to marry someone they don't enjoy sex with?

He tells me he shares things with me that's he never told an ex before. One of these things includes an engagement ring he bought for an ex. He keeps this ring in his closet, its hard for me to believe no ex has seen this ring when they stayed over.

He told me he didn't talk to any of his exes throughout the day but does with me. I found out he texted his ex throughout the day, sometimes with suggestions for date nights.

The last bit makes me really upset because he doesn't suggest date ideas with me. We just watch tv and eat take out or fast food. It upsets me that he did things for her that he doesn't do for me. He took her out of state for valentines day. Took her friends and family out. Now, I know it's a pandemic and things are different. But there are things we could do at home that isn't watching tv. When I brought this up, he said I could also suggest things. Yes but it upsets me that he did it for her but doesn't for me. He used to cook with her with services like blue apron.

I know these aren't bad lies. I just don't see why he lied and it makes me question other things. And why lie?
Why would my boyfriend lie to me about his past relationship?
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