Are these early red flags?

I’ve been chatting to this guy. We met online and have been exchanging text messages to each other for about a week now. I spoke to him on the phone the other day. I noticed there were a few things he said to me which rang alarm bells in my head, but I’ve only had time now to process them. Before I spoke to him on the phone, I told him I’d be calling him from my car for more privacy, and he sent me a text message back saying ‘ok you crazy lady’. I didn’t think too much of that as I just took it as a joke or him trying to tease me.

When I spoke to him over the phone he mentioned his ex girlfriend and that they split up before the March pandemic, because she “went mental and had a breakdown” because of everything going on.

Then today he messaged me saying that he was working with his female colleague and told me what her name was, and he said that he gets on really well with her, and prefers working with her than he does with working with the other men. He told me the day goes by a lot smoother when he works with her than it does with men. This rang alarm bells in my head as I thought he was saying this to me to try and get a reaction from me, like purposely trying to make me feel jealous that he brought up another girl in text message.

We haven’t yet met up, but I have a bad feeling about him, mainly because I’ve been in an abusive relationship before and he is exhibiting some of the warning signs.

do you think these are early red flags?
Are these early red flags?
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