Is my boyfriend cheating on me? I’m probably crazy, but I don’t understand?

My boyfriend and I have been dating around 2 years now. He has been secretive about his history when we started dating so I didn’t find a lot of things out until almost a year in. It wasn’t major information but it was no reason to lie about/hide it. Anyway though, we have been planning to see each other again by the end of this week for many weeks now. Here’s what happened which made him cancel the plan:

His high school best friend’s death anniversary is today, and he wanted to go because he never went after all of these years. He gets very overwhelmed when he doesn’t see people wear masks and maintaining distance because his father could die if he had gotten the virus. Knowing this, he decided to stay for the event even though there were 30 people with no masks/not social distancing. He said he felt like he was at a moderate risk while he was there so he doesn’t feel comfortable with us seeing each other anymore at least as soon as we hoped.

My thing is that he could’ve easily left or asked them to wear masks to ease his uneasiness while he was there, but he didn’t. He tried to turn the tables by making me feel bad because I wasn’t understanding why he couldn’t simply leave when he wanted to do something for his dead friend. He could’ve visited his grave later. That’s why I think he probably had cheated or something of the sort while he was there because it’s simply not adding up in my mind. It’s just suspicious. What do you think?
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Is my boyfriend cheating on me? I’m probably crazy, but I don’t understand?
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