Pregnant to being blocked... what do I do?

hi guys, I ended up getting pregnant by my friends with benefits. We went through everything for preparing to get an abortion. I ended up having a blighted ovum. He had me keep this from everyone. His family is elite where I’m from & he basically threatened to sue me if I ever spoke about anything to anyone or that if I ever tried to blackmail him he could send my nudes out. All I had was my therapist, he got mad I sent my therapist screenshots of part of a conversation we had during one of my telehealth appointments. He freaked out told me I didn’t have permission to do that & that it was an invasion of privacy. Had me delete all of our texts, pics etc. then screenshot for proof. He promised he would do the same. He never sent proof. He began telling me things like, if I did this or that it would be good for us & we could move forward & work towards a healthy friendship. He then tells me the other day that he has started seeing a therapist & she thinks we need to stop talking but before we do that he would let me blow him & that he might even fuck me. Then we could be “forgotten friends.” I realized that everything he asked me to do was only for his best interest not mine as well. I confronted him about it & about how he basically took advantage of my feelings to ensure protection of his “secret” & that I have no reason to continue protecting him & how easily I could “out” him if I ever wanted to just as easily he could sue me (he’s a lawyer & his dad is as well) I would never exploit him but I was making the point that I care so much about his future that I’ve compromised my own feelings for his wants & needs. He got upset sent me a long message & then blocked me.

He always claimed wanting to move forward but once I address my feelings I get blocked. How do I handle this?

TL;DR- got pregnant, basically forced to keep a secret or get sued for speaking about any of my, feel manipulated into protecting his reputation & future I called him out & now I am blocked
Pregnant to being blocked... what do I do?
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