Why does a girl need a man a lot?

I think each girl needs a man, so he takes care of her and support her financially and make her happy and cuddle her and make her feel protected and also to be the love of her life forever and her everything...etc

That's my opinion and it only goes on a good housewife!


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  • A girl doesn't.


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  • It's a sad life you live if you NEED a man or woman in your life. I prefer having a man in my life, but I don't need one. How can you even contribute to a relationship properly if you can't even stand on your own two feet?

    • I'm not selfish and greedy like you to say I don't need a man or I don't need a girl and I' proud because I need a women in my life and my women needs me and real love makes us need each other and our roles makes need each other at least our marriage is a thousand times more powerful than yours when you will be married, your too much independent and that makes annoying and a show off girl and I hate that, I'm starting to really dislike you and you started bothering me!

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  • A girl needs water, food, shelter, and air.

    She "needs" a man to make a baby. And even then, there are sperm banks.

    • I'm reporting all your answers because I just won't get low to your place!

    • This is my opinion. You asked a question on an opinion site. In fact, what I said is actually FACT, not even opinion.

  • technically we don't, we need to eat, drink and sleep everything else is optional.

    But we do want them, as for why, I think that's obvious

    • You just want man for sex and to have kids right? a tool to use, well I'm not surprised, isn't that what feminism is all about?

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    • if I may ask, are women even allowed to work in your country?

      ' that's why there is sacrificing and understanding and not threating, "i want to do this, either you like it or not or it's a divorce"' yes of course but say she'd want to work after your kids are in their teens, you would leave her too, wouldn't you?

      Wheres the sacrifice, compromise and understanding from you side?

      u have really extreme views and no offense but you really prove some prejudice people have bout the middle east right

    • Your funny, see what I'm talking about, you never understand me, who told you that if my wife wanted to work after our kids becomes teens I won't allow her, since the 1st day of marriage I didn't forced to do anything and she can work anytime she wants, but she asked me what I like and I told her and she respected it and fulfilled my dreams but she did it because she loves to be a housewife too...so it's an agreement between me and her and not forcing...now do you understand?

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  • We all need someone, ya know contact to other human beings and all. But like the girl said, you have to be be good on your own, be happy with yourself first before you can truly be happy with someone else. At least that's my opinion.

    Not my kind of girl if she would need to depend on me so much. Makes her sound pretty weak and pathetic if she can't handle life on her own. I like my girl to be strong and clever like me. lol

  • Man, you're so obsessed with housewives I bet it's scaring even the virgins that wait for marriage.

    It's like you're the opposite of "desperate housewives".