Does he like me romantically or just want to hook up?

I met a guy in October, and we have been flirting a lot since November/December.
He teases me all the time, we go back and forth constantly. We hug each other a lot, and will just sit there with our arms around each other for 10+ seconds with his head on top of mine. Our hugs always last a while, he rubs my back when he gives me a hug. We stand close together, and if my arm or something is touching him, he won't move.
We text every day, and we send funny pictures to each other all the time. He sent me valentines memes on valentines, and we joke about having a baby together. He calls me pretty, and cute. He's brought me with him a few times to meet and hang out with his friends.
He kissed me for the first time two weeks ago, and we kissed for a while and then he pulled me in to lay on his chest and we cuddled for like 20 minutes. We hooked up last week, and he still cuddled with me afterwards.
We haven't had any discussions about what we are, but I feel like the way we talk isn't strictly to hook-up only, but I have really bad anxiety so I worry he's only into me for that.
Does he like me romantically or just want to hook up?
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