Why do a lot of men on here think everything is the gender oppression Olympics?

For example some girls will ask a question on here like "why does this boy not like me?" And you'll always get two to three guys comment something like "guys have it a lot worse"πŸ™„. I swear if a girl asked a question about periods pains there'd be a couple guys on here make it about themselves and how hard done they are and but there period pains are worse because they are a man and what they say is right and if you disagree your a feminist bitch even though obviously biological men can't have periods I'm sure they'd be couple on here how's try and make it about themselves rather than being empathetic or listening to the opposite genders experiences it's always gotta be about them because no one suffers more than them.

Earlier I asked a question about why a lot of good women get treated badly and I didn't even mean it in the way if relationships and men and the amount of disgusting, hateful comments I got from men were unfortunately not that unbelievable for the standards of 50% of the men on G@G. For every decent respectful comment I get from man on this site I get at least 3 dim wits commenting some bs about how I said something I didn't and but all men are superior to women even when it comes to oppression.

I'm just really looking forward too see that flim were Liam Neeson's nephew gets kidnap and sex trafficed across the middle East. Like seriously take a day off no one's cutting your dick off if you actually listen to a woman and show some understanding instead of making it about yourself.
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Just because I talk about my negative experiences of being a woman doesn't mean I'm attacking men and in my last question that I mentioned about good women being treated badly it had nothing to do with men I actually wrote it because I'd been really nice to this lady at work and she's been talking about me behind my back but I got some guy saying I was saying but men don't treat women right when I never and when I tried to explain to him he went off on me
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Like do you decent guys on here find it embarrassing towards your gender when you see guys on G@G behave like cry babies on this site. I'm not gonna lie I avoid talking to a lot of men on this site because they are usually either looking for one of two things nudes or a fight and I don't think that's fair on the actual decent men on here who just wanna talk and make friends
Why do a lot of men on here think everything is the gender oppression Olympics?
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