Why did he follow me again on Snapchat just when I unfriended him?

We’ve been speaking for ages the whole time he was so full on with me even saying he wants to marry me and shit and when he sees me he’ll make me his girl. So last night we face timed (we ft before) and he kept on saying how beautiful I was on ft. So after he’s like “I don’t want a relationship u know that.” I was really confused after everything he said to me. So I called him out and got annoyed not about him not wanting a relationship but the fact his been leading me on. So I said no point of talking anymore then and he said “if that’s what u want.” “But I’m still gonna check up on u to see how u are.” I said “I don’t need that.” And then I said “why his changed his mind?” And his like our convo doesn’t flow on the phone, I think it did and I felt comfortable with him. So after I got annoyed and texted how long his been feeling like this and he just gave me blunt answers so I told him to “have a nice life.” And he was fake all this time he ignored it and I unfriended him on Snapchat and everything he then sent me another friend request on snap after I unfriended him there I didn’t accept it after he unfollowed me few mins after. Why would he add me when I unfriended him on snap then unfollow me again when I didn’t accept yet? I wasn’t gonna accept anyways but just confusing why guys do this.
1 y
He said he has his own personal issues I don’t know what it is and he’s like on social media he wants to go on a social media break blah blah I don’t know anymore if his just depressed cause he looks and sounds it
Why did he follow me again on Snapchat just when I unfriended him?
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