Is the United States deteriorating as a society?

I ask this question, because the other day I wrote my uncle a little something, he recently moved to Spain (4-5 months ago) and I wanted to know how he was doing, so anyways this is what he wrote and it really impacted me, " Uncle! How is everything over there in Spain?" He answers me _ nephew I wish I could have done this years ago, I cannot even begin to tell you how much life has changed for me. All this years I thought that I, lived in a great country, which indeed it was in its prime days, but nephew, this world that I now live in, this place that I now call home has made me realize how troubled our society over there is. No more do I have to rush out my house to go to work , no more does my mind fill itself with torment, life here nephew is the way life should be lived. People here not only care about themselves, but also care about all others that surround them, it is no longer a game of, I only care about myself, who are you. People here are happy, harmonious; they party with passion, and everything is so completely different. Talking to my boss, feels like talking to my own family member. There is not that odd feeling of impending doom. They even have 2-hour lunch breaks in here, 2-4 month vacations a year, what more could I ask for. The woman are friendly, they are not like woman over there in the states, they actually give a guy a chance and try to understand them instead of automatically judging them and blowing them off the water, it is amazing. You must visit me; I cannot wait to show you around.


Your Loving Uncle.

Is the United States deteriorating as a society?
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