Does this bus driver like me/find me attractive or am I reading too much into it?

Sometimes on the routes I need to take, a really attractive man drives the bus. For the last couple of years, I'd see him occasionally... maybe once every 4 months. I noticed then that he'd stare at me when he is on another route and driving past. Full on head turn, not looking ahead of him/could crash the bus type of staring.

Due to my social anxiety, I looked away a lot despite how handsome I think he is. I wasn't sure why he was staring so intensely and I couldn't see any other body language from a distance e. g. a smile. I could only seem to muster a hello when I boarded, both out of nervousness and that I am not very fluent in his language.

More recently, and due to Covid, everyone boards at the back of the bus. The drivers on the routes seem to be random now. So I started to thank him or wish him a good day whenever I got off his bus. Some days he is not driving the buses I take but will drive past me on another route. Whenever that happens, the bus seems to slow down and I get the full on head turn long stares I mentioned earlier.

When I get off the bus, I have to wait for the bus to pass before I can cross the street. I noticed the bus would move slowly and he'd look at me and hold that until we were no longer in each other's view. The last few times he would smile/smirk, smile and nod down.. our eyes would be locked for a few seconds, until we could no longer see each other. I smiled back and probably gave some flirty gazes.

Yesterday when we locked eyes again, I decided to wave and got the usual coy nod and smile with a wave back. I grinned the entire walk home.. haven't felt so giddy in over a decade.

I am considering giving him my phone number but am wondering if everything is as it seems or if I am reading too much into things? What do you think? Is his behaviour suggestive of attraction?
Does this bus driver like me/find me attractive or am I reading too much into it?
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