What would you do if your spouse was having a miscarriage?

This is very hard to talk about but my fiance and I wanted to try for a 2nd child. We've been together 10 years. It was a success and we got pregnant. We went to our monthly checkup at the OBGYN, I was 12 weeks (3 months). Our doctor could not find the heartbeat on the doppler so he had the ultrasound tech come in to give me an ultrasound... that's when I heard the heartbreaking news that the baby didn't have a heartbeat. I had what's called a silent miscarriage. The first thing I noticed is my fiance didn't shed one tear meanwhile I was crying my eyes out... the dr gave me 3 options
1 - I could wait for the miscarriage to happen at home naturally
2- I could take a pill to speed up the process
3- I could have a surgery called a D&C which is kinda risky.
I opted to try at home naturally. I started lightly bleeding yesterday but this process could take up to 2 weeks. Women can actually die from a miscarriage which scares me. I could bleed out etc. Anyways my fiance decided that he was going to go to his dad's tomorrow an hour away to help him with housework and then go golfing, then he's staying the night there and going to his moms for Easter. Does this seem right to you? If your fiance was getting ready to miscarry your baby would you leave her? He said do you mind if I go? I said nope go right ahead because I know if I said yes I do mind that it would start a fight. In my head I'm fuming. It's not about asking me if I'm ok with him leaving, HE SHOULDN'T WANT TO LEAVE PERIOD!!! He should have told his dad, sorry dad but I need to be with my fiance! I don't mind him going to work mon through fri since he works like 10 mins away so if something went wrong he could be home quickly.. But in my head I feel like he should use his week vacation time. All he has said to me during this traumatic time is "I'm sorry you're going through this." I don't know, is this normal? Is this how guys handle pain? What if I bleed out and die while he's gone?
What would you do if your spouse was having a miscarriage?
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