Why did he text me if he wasn’t interested?

I met up with this guy who drove to me for 1 hour and we spent a date in a car.

He complimented my looks a lot, called me hot af and we made out. It almost lead to sex. Our conversation was also full of laugh as we both like humour. He told me he will text me after and he did. We spoke for almost a week everyday but the texts were dry, like nothing special with 1 hour delay. I let him know we had fun and we joked around some more then he ghosted me. I reached out today after a month when I accidentally sent him something but deleted it before he saw it and apologised about it. He’s read it within 10 mins but just ignored me.

I know people ghost you if they don’t like you but why did he reach out to me after a date, why didn’t he just not text me. It would make more sense. Is it to make me think that I am not being ghosted?
Why did he text me if he wasn’t interested?
He felt bad about ghosting you so he texted you for a little bit.
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He has a girlfriend or found someone he likes more
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He wasn’t sure yet about you but then made his mind that he doesn’t want anything with you.
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Why did he text me if he wasn’t interested?
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