Found out my partner liked his best friend girl?

So, I'll start from the start.

A month before he met me around the same time we was talking online, he googled love songs for loving best friends girl. He also wantked over her pictures. They both would send messages to eachother asking to come over when her partner wasn't there.

When we met he had told me about his best friend and how they both cheat on eachother and how he wouldn't want a relationship like that.

My partner kept going round to their house, messaging me telling how sad it was for her and how he felt bad and how me and her should be friends so we can all hang out together, I even felt so bad for her that I told him he could just go round and be her support since she didn't have any.

Anyways skip a month into our relationship and he's propsing to me at an event he knew she was attending? He also quickly proposed when she left the room?

Well I had gut feelings but he told me nothing was there and I was just crazy

His birthday came and she privately messaged him and said when was he coming round because he owes her loads of teas, he replied saying bringing me and she ignored.

So I was a little like woah what's up, so I've asked him again if anythings happened he again told me no qnd that I'm crazy. So I message her politely to ask if anything happening. Well she assured me there wasn't and we left the conversation on Good terms she even offered us to come over to hers.

And then my. partner receives a message from her partner slagging me off (they don't normally show. messages to each other?) But my man didn't want to reply and have my back but in the end he did.

4 years later his brothers girlfriend said some things to my child about weight so I pulled her up. on it and just explained I don't like it, she flipped. out, my partners brother then used this previous argument against me which has nothing to do with him but used it against me anyways.

My partner didn't want to have my back because he's not a confrontational kind. of. person.
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But then I was looking for a song in my partners history because he played to me when we first got together

Found out my partner liked his best friend girl?
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