Do you ever snoop/spy around a girl you like?

I am trying to see if this is anything before I do anything. This guy is kinda hot and cold not sure if it anything at all to be honest or he is just trying to be cool, sly etc? Like he is friendly and talks and jokes sometimes, sometimes he doesn't. If I go into where he works sometimes he will just come over like he is doing stuff to eaves drop its so obvious. besides eaves dropping he has stood by my shopping basket till I returned, doing nothing. I said hey, made a joke he laughed and left? the next time he walked up the isle while I had a patient out shopping, to again listen. Other times he won't say anything but today, I didn't say hi acted like I didn't see him, as I normally say hi, he was almost everywhere I was? he was like loud around me kinda like notice me? I am not sure if I am reading this wrong or he legit is hot and cold. I talk to all the workers there since I have to go there so much, but it's like his business? I mean we had a short talk about life and family, I touched his arm like not in a flirty way but trying to connect with you kinda way, I tapped his arm and said you get it, when we were talking about family, he didn't move or jump or flinch? what is he doing? I am so horrible at this! thanks to all for any enlightenment
Do you ever snoop/spy around a girl you like?
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