Why doesn’t he text back?

so this guy and me have been on and off for like 3 months. We started talking in jan. then we hooked up a couple times in feb. then stopped talking in feb. then he came to visit a friend of mine recently. we hooked up twice and he slept over. we then didn’t text or anything for like a week. I got drunk and started texting him at 3 am to come over. he said he couldn’t cus tbh I was two hours away. but I was coming to his area the next weekend cus my mom lives 30 away from him. so he said he wanted to hu the whole time I was at my moms. and told me that he was lowkey obsessed with me and dreaming about me. then fast forward to when I get to my moms. I text him. no response. then I messaged him drunk being like let’s hu etc. no response. I’m a bit confused cus he just told me he wanted to hu and that he was dreaming of me and shit. but like now that I’m home he’s not down. I feel like he likes me but sometimes I’m like not sure cus he keeps asking me like “oh you trynna date me” and I’m like not really dude (cus I’m like not in that headspace and I’m also not one to say that shit first). what do y’all think
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oh also apparently when he came to visit. he was getting super jealous anytime I was talking to another dude. but like I don’t really think he’s aloud to have those feelings cus he has hu with another chick in front of me that ended up being a complete psycho. we make fun of it now but still
Why doesn’t he text back?
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