Guys, Would you have dinner with someone every night if they were only a friend to you (no attraction)?

I am at uni, and I made this guy friend who happened to be in my course, same year, same ethnicity, and he lives directly above me. The first day we met, he invited me for dinner at midnight cos he remembered I wasn't having dinner.
It's been half a year now, he comes down for dinner every day (we grocery shop together, cook together, eat together, clean together) and he teases me a lot. Usually by my food intake since I don't want to gain more weight like he purposely overestimates my food intake for me to say that's too much.
He surprised me with a cake for my birthday (before I returned home for break), and he's brought me snacks before and gave me a short timeframe to finish it all... he even purposely half opened a Happy Hippo (out of a handful) so I had to eat it as soon as I realised it was open.
When I came back he left a bag of random sweets for me with half a packet of cereal and pumpkin seeds too (?). When I was angry at him for falling asleep in the afternoon when he said he will go shopping with me, when we went out later, he took a picture of me walking out the door angrily (I'm aware friends do this too tho) and offered me his McDonalds hot drinks loyalty card, and said he will buy me bubble tea.
But he is also inconsiderate at times. He rarely offers to carry the basket/ push the trolley but apparently, I seem very happy holding/pushing it (I do tend to bounce when I walk and slide with the trolley) and he's invited people over for dinner without asking me first. Some friends do say I'm like his mum. Even him and his brother have said I resemble their mum I wouldn't say I'm his type tho.
He tends to like really skinny girls, with skinny long legs and I'm short and not so skinny (small curves?). Before he got his answer, he would ask me what I found attractive in guys a lot, until he aided me to my answer. He asks me about my ex a lot, but then also says I should get back with him (since he's very multitalented). Sorry, that's a lot, thank you :)
Guys, Would you have dinner with someone every night if they were only a friend to you (no attraction)?
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