What is going on here?

I have a crush on my guy friend and we are both married never acted on it. We have been fighting because of my crush on him for months. He got so mad he has blocked me on facebook for over a month. He still likes my business and I his which is the hobby we did together. Well here is the kicker I have decided to stop all the non sense and work it out with my husband. My husband and I got free hotel room at local casino and I posted on facebook public that I was out at the casino and enjoying my free room and tagged my husband. I got a post from his business page across my screen about 15 minutes later how he was out having a blast doing our hobby. I let it go and moved on but it was weird because he does not post like that. I now feel he has been watching what I have been posting. I got mad and went to his page to see what he was up to. I looked to see who he added and it was just some guys no big deal. I was still upset so I went back to his page and he had added this woman who I had questioned him if he had an affair with plus another hot chick. I felt like he knew I would see he added them to hurt me. I am mad and upset not because of her but that he seems to wants to hurt me. I had sent him an email letting him know a week before this all happened that I was moving into a different direction with our hobby and working with other guys. I am female and it is a heavy male hobby. I told him that I wanted to be friend but if he did not want to then I am ok with that also. I mean he has blocked me and not talked to me for over a month and still not talking right now. When I went to his page I saw he posted he is going to be doing stuff in that area now too which he has not done in 8 years. He went to a forum and was swearing and acting aggresive again not like him.. And now this week he is posting on his business page how happy he is. I feel he likes me but is fighting it am I wrong?
What is going on here?
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