Guy has a crush or obsessed with me/sex?

He's a till operator in a restaurant. He has a crush on me and I also have a crush on him. He has been quite nice to me so I decided to give him a thank you card. I wrote in the letter how he has been really sweet and kind and how much I appreciate him for that. I also wrote he's very nice and if he's free and he ever feels like hanging out after work then he can let me know when we meet each other the next time.
I ended the card with lots of love - my name.

I didn't include my number because I wasn't sure if he was flirting for fun or he simply has a favourite whom he wanted to spoil. And felt that if I gave my number, and he indeed wasn't interested, it would makes things awkward and who knows who would become a butt of joke amongst him and his colleagues.

The next say when I met him, he told me straightaway in a low voice that when I come in the next time, I can can write my number and give it to him. I said okay sure. He went back to doing his duties and looking after the people but briefly came again and said you can just give me your telephone number. Then went away to giving the other people their stuff and handling the work.

I didn't have my number written down and his coworkers were also around (I'm actually a bit scared as when he came and said about the number, his colleague saw him talking to me and most likely overheard him) and flirting/asking for numbers can get him fired if they find out. He has been scolded once before for leaving his work and trying to chat with me (same colleague I think ) which resulted in him not talking to me for a week except making small talk/staring.

I mean I expected or thought he would slip me a note or something with his number or socials so that I could add him but he asked me instead 😭 and since Wednesday, he hasn't come to work as he's not supposed to be on duty. So I have to wait to give him my number.

I'm sad. He could have written and slipped a note but he didn't. Why?
Guy has a crush or obsessed with me/sex?
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