Guys, What’s going on here?

4 months back, when I first started at my old work location I met a guy who became my best friend. We both were into the most nerdiest things.
There came a time corporate moved my aunt to my work location. My aunt eventually met my best friend at work and told him she was so happy to finally meet him, he was all I ever spoke about. My best friend sent me a text shortly after saying “just met your aunt, she said I’m all you ever talk about. It made me 🥺“

One day my best friend was checking out this girl and wanted to ask her out (I found odd because my best friend had a girlfriend) who always treated me like crap. At the time I mistook my emotions as feeling betrayed, but later realized, I was jealous. Over that course of time I fell inlove with my best friend and didn’t realize it until way later. I wrote my best friend a message explaining everything. He left me on read for a month. Despite all that he still continued to be sweet to my aunt, even found her name tag and saved it in his car for her. Then one day he replied back to me. He said that he wasn’t mad at me, just wish we could’ve talked about it. And that I deserved someone better than him.

Weeks passed and was left on read until one night he sent a message confessing that he was attracted to me, and would lay in bed pleasing himself to me.

I asked him how long did he feel that way and if there were any emotions behind it. He said “there’s some emotions, but nothing I’d pursue because we can’t”. He then suggested we hookup. I thought about it and told him I wasn’t sure, but missed him so much. He made plans to hangout and then ghosted me.. My aunt then told me he put in a request to transfer to another location. She asked him “does my niece your best friend know?” He then told her “something’s are just better left unsaid.”

All my messages are ignored.. I’m so confused.. What’s going on with him?
I miss him sooo much! It hurts my heart that he doesn’t even want to speak to me.
Guys, What’s going on here?
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