Why does he still keep me on social media?

This guy friend wanted to sleep with me with no steings attached. I was fine with it at first, but later on I told him I wanted more. He rejected me but continued to talk as friends but I noticed he started to pull away. I felt as if he was giving me reasons to make me walk away from him. Like, he didn't talk much when we talked on the phone or would watch videos during. Some days he didn't even call me at all (before, he would call me every day). This lasted for some weeks until he got busy with his little nephews and calls went off the table because he was always around with people and he didn't want them to listen. He would just text me. His texts started to become short (a quick hi and how you doing and bye).
I didn't like this situation anymore, so one day when he texted me, I left him on read. He texted me again 3 days later, and asked why I didn't talk to him and I coldly replied "I was busy". He asked if I had started a job and when I said no, he just said okay and hasn't texted me since. It's been 6 days since last time.

I felt as if he did all of this to gradually get distant and finally stop talking. If he doesn't want to talk, then why still keep me there? Are there any chances we might start talking again?
Why does he still keep me on social media?
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