Soo why do men?

Guys that were originally well driven and goal oriented would show interest in me and I'd take the bait. Over time they would become unmotivated and would make dumb sacrifices just to waste time with me. We wouldn't do anything productive as far as getting to know each other or advancing in our degree. I'd ask if they had hw due and they'd say yea but I'll finish it later... Would never ask the same to me, i'd have to tell them if had something due and would not be left alone to do it. I would never have to hit this man up I was busy with school but something kept telling me I needed to socialize so I always took the offer to hang out. He never left when I wanted him too, wouldn't want to study together, his jobs searched stopped, wanting to do fun stuff stopped, just wanted to mess with me 24/7. I'm looking for a man that can be on his grind and we be on our grind together not a bunch of guys that want to pretend that life is all together and the bills are paid and we're in early retirement. So why men? Ladies sound familiar?
Soo why do men?
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