Is this a good or bad sign?

My child’s father and I met over 10 years ago as really good friends, and started having sex and became just that. Despite the fact I loved and cared for him and he knew it. Soon enough when I got pregnant, his then girlfriend, now wife made him completely against me and we didn’t really talk, except for when getting our child. Our child is now 7 years old and he and the wife are now on verge of divorce. Since then he has slowly started talking to me again and become decent enough that we talk and get along a bit. Yesterday, I got courage up to tell him I missed being his friend, and he repeated word for word that he missed being my friend too. And then went on to have a conversation for about 10 minutes or less and that he wants to talk soon as I have been asking to finally talk and get stuff out. His wife has tried acting like she is my friend and has been trying to get me to lie to him and hiding a lot of stuff I feel he deserves to know. Trying to make me against him, while he keeps throwing my name around during their arguments. When he said he missed me too, it was completely real and sincere feeling, he sounded like the man I had always loved and cared for. I don’t want to hold too much hope, but is this good or bad? I don’t think he’d have reason to lie, but could it be possible he’s finally seeing what he lost and that he realizes things? Would he lie? Even though he didn’t seem at all like he didn’t mean it. Do men say it and not mean it? Just trying to figure out if where I’m standing is good with all this, thoughts and what to expect..
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I also wonder if what I said could be taken differently by him.. or would it simply just be that he misses us as friends like? Or?
Is this a good or bad sign?
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