He was acting different last night and kept hesitating to say something to me?

My friend showed up at my apartment and asked me to come with him and his friend to the grocery store to get ice cream. It's not too unusual for him to show up unannounced, so I didn't think too much of it. Afterwards, we came back to my apartment to eat and played uno. After several rounds, his friend went home. Instead of going home with his friend (his friend drove us), he stayed behind. He didn't say anything for about 5min while I was cleaning up and he was acting kind of depressed, so I asked him what was wrong. He wouldn't say what was going on, so I helped him gather his things and offered to take him home. In the car, I pressed him to tell me what was going on/why his mood suddenly changed after his friend left. He still didn't tell me exactly why, but we ended up talking so we continued to drive around instead of him going home. While I was driving, he directed me to go to a certain place. It was a kind of overlook, and we got out to sit and talk. He told me that this place was where he took his first date at our university. We talked about many things, including our childhoods. At the end, it felt like he wanted to tell me something else. He would start to say something, hesitate, then say something else instead. On our way home, he made a comment about how he feels awkward/nervous around me. He is the last person who would ever be awkard in any situation. He is a super outgoing guy, and he always calls me the awkward one. I thought he could be joking, but the way he said it sounded serious. Overall, he was acting a lot different than normal, and he kept almost saying something then hesitating. I don't want to assume too much, but from a guy's perspective, why do you think he's acting this way?
He was acting different last night and kept hesitating to say something to me?
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