Why Are Some Guys Creepy?

For real like why are some men really creepy? Is it intentional? What is the purpose? What was going on in his head?

I went to a hookah lounge today and the waiter stared at my friend and I as soon as we walked in. He then proceeded to make me feel extremely uncomfortable. Examples include constantly walking past me and staring. And then when I got my drink I was drinking through the straw only to find him standing right next to me gazing deeply. My friend described it as 'eye fckng you' (sorry for the vulgar language). When I looked at him he started laughing...

And then I went to use the restroom and he followed me into the ladies restroom!!! I genuinely thought I was going to be assaulted today.

What was the purpose of this? I felt very scared. Especially when I went to the restroom. I called my friend instantly to come with me.
Why Are Some Guys Creepy?
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