I need help and nobody is listening to me. Advice?

I'm caught in a delicate situation that I don't really know how to handle. Ever since my summer vacation started I've been actively seeking help from a psychiatrist. I've been really depressed for many years, and while I've never actually tried or made plans to kill myself, I think about it every day and I can feel it becoming a more prominent thought. Things just keep getting worse and worse and I feel like no one is really taking me very seriously. My mom is depressed herself and therefore completely unhelpful, and my dad is somewhat helpful but he's just moving so slowly and making it impossible to get anything done. I told my doctor how I'd been feeling and he prescribed me a very low dose anti-depressant that isn't making me feel any better. He also gave me a list of psychiatrists to call, and not a single one has called me back and it's been several days. I only have a few months to try and straighten things out before I have to go back to school then immediately get a job, and absolutely nothing is getting done because nobody really seems willing to do anything. Parents aren't really helping, the doctor didn't do anything, and these psychiatrists don't really seem to give a sh*t. I can't tell anybody I've been thinking about killing myself because then they'll just throw me on suicide watch, and that is absolutely not OK with me. Putting me in some psych-ward and pumping me with drugs is not my idea of helping.

I just feel trapped and completely hopeless. I don't have enough time to fix things as it is, but at this rate I'm going to be thrust into the real world of jobs, bills, and even more stress with nothing but a head full of suicidal thoughts. Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can move things forward without getting myself thrown in a crazy-house? I really put myself out on a limb by asking for help, but the fact that nobody is taking it seriously is just making me even more depressed...
I need help and nobody is listening to me. Advice?
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