Is my boyfriend a narcissist?

Often times when I spend time with my boyfriend I feel suffocated or like he’s holding me back and we don’t do much. Or if we do it doesn’t feel as productive as it could be. Then when we’re apart he often nit picks and complains about random things I said or did days before and doesn’t speak to me for days at a time. I hate that he doesn’t communicate the issues properly and that his actions have such control over my emotions. There are times when he does this and it then becomes all I can think about and derails my entire day. Part of me feels he’s a narcissist or at least has narcissistic traits and enjoys causing issues. Has anyone else experienced this?
Is my boyfriend a narcissist?
10 mo
An example of something he’s done is when we got into a small back and forth about a random topic. He proceeded to leave without a word, blocked me for 5 days without telling me why he was so upset and claimed he did it to “get me to have a serious conversation” regarding things about our relationship that were bothering him which I assume he wanted me to initiate as he never attempted to himself.

Is my boyfriend a narcissist?
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