Am I doing something wrong?

I've been with my guy for 9 years now. We have always had an exciting sex life sometimes 3 or 4 times a day all week. Obviously it tapered off over the years but we still experiment and try new things. In the last year i noticed a huge decline and him not being able to "get off" as easily. Sometimes we would just stop trying. I felt very insecure about it and when i brought it up to him he told me that "getting off isn't important to him, he enjoys sex regardless if he cums or not" i dont buy it. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable to both people in my opinion and the other one shouldn't have to "settle" for average, just okay sex. So is it me doing something wrong or is it something with him? And is he being honest about the enjoys sex part even when he doesn't get off? Is that possible?
Am I doing something wrong?
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