Im confused , is he no longer interested?

Hi so been talking over phone and through text with this guy we seemed to hit it off but haven't met up because of covid.

It's been three months, we've had many miscommunications only seems to happen through text where I thought it was done but we talked it out over the phone and realized it was a misunderstanding.

Now we're back there again and he's pulled away doesn't text as much as before and hardly calls. He told me he didn't think this was healthy and asked why I think we should keep talking.

We both established already we really like one another and want to meet in person to see if this works but now there's been another misunderstanding through text.

We were going to meet but then we didn't and I felt frustrated so I asked him to leave me alone if he wasn't serious but in the moment I just wanted space.

He said okay and stopped messaging and when I reached out he said I told him to leave me alone so he will do that.

He's responded to my attempts to clarify and tell him I was just upset by what happened but now it feels different like he doesn't even want to try.

I tried to explain myself but he doesn't want to talk over the phone so I can, he only texts me and it's hard for me to explain through texts what I meant.

Is this fixable or do I need to just let him go? I feel like if he really cared for me the way he says then he would also be trying to fix this. What do I do now? I'm confused and want to fight for us but if he's not in it anymore should I just stop? Any thoughts?
Im confused , is he no longer interested?
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