Nice guy flirts with me all night and gives me number but is moody and rude when I text him?

A guy is paying tons of attention to me. Flirting with me.
We have the same sense of humor and we are teasing each other.
He even says he is interested in getting to know more about me.
He is watching me when he is away from my table.
He tells me he doesn’t want me to leave without a way for us to talk again.
He gives me his number before I leave.
He walks me out the place and is still laughing and flirting with me. Major eye contact between us all night. He wasn’t wasted.
A few days later I text him and he says Hi and begins to tease me. But he does it in a more insulting manner where it’s not so funny. I didn’t really let it get to me. He begins complaining about people he knows and swearing about them and then just stops texting with no warning. I was being cheerful and even appropriately supportive for someone who hardly knew him. So a few days later I texted him again and asked if I misunderstood the purpose of him giving me his number and if he didn’t want me to text I would not contact him again. He said. “No not at all” He then began to tease me again and then asked if I wanted to meet him at a local forest preserve?
I was kind of shocked because this is not at all how he behaved when I met him. So I quickly told him I had to finish work and to have a good night. Did I miss something here?
Should I have known right away he just wanted to sleep with me? I feel kind of stupid because he seemed so different and funny. He also was 35 so I figured he was mature. He definitely wasn’t. So what was the deal. Any insight would be appreciated. I just don’t even know what to expect from anyone at this point. Thanks.
Nice guy flirts with me all night and gives me number but is moody and rude when I text him?
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